I Almost Died, So Why Am I Laughing?


Did you know a lot of bloggers take the month of June off?  Who knew? Not me.  I didn’t do it on purpose. It just happened.  Now that we are well into July I thought I better get cracking. Yet, I didn’t want to just write another post for the sake of having something to put up.  Snore.

Instead I am sharing my recent East Van Talk.  Once a month, my church hosts a Ted-talk-like evening where two people share a 15 minute talk on any topic.  We don’t have fancy screens and laser pointers but we manage. When my friend Dena, the host of East Van Talks, approached me about giving one, a million ideas ran through my mind.  I went around and around and then decided I need to share a story, my life-changing story.

Many of you reading this blog lived this story with me. You were the people who were invited to Ben’s one-year-old birthday where we did not really celebrate his birthday but the fact that Dane, Ben and I survived his first year of life because of all of you. It was a thank you party.

This talk is 15 minutes with about 10 minutes of questions. It could have easily been an hour. I cut and paired and edited until I had the highlights,  lowlights and the funny bits in between.  I hope you “enjoy” it. Feel free to leave a comment – bloggers love (most) comments. If you’d rather just read it, you can do that here.