lostnlifted: my very old instagram project (that I just started)

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Back in my seminary days, many of my friends took a class called “The Christian Imagination.” I don’t even know what they learned but they all ended up doing these amazing creative projects.  And even that is an understatement. One friend, who happened to be in seminary ON A BREAK FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL, produced an entire CD of herself singing & playing guitar.  Another friend wrote a book of poetry, another did a photo exhibit of greenhouses. I never even considered taking the class because I’m not what you call ‘artistic.’

I may be called funny or sporty but artsy is not on my resume.

IMG_1359Speaking of sporty, I did a lot of walking when I first moved to Vancouver. I had moved from California, where the stereotype is true: people don’t really walk much.

I began to see the world from the sidewalk and loved the new perspective. At first I began to notice was things accidentally dropped on the ground, recovered by another person and placed up hire, closer to eye level.  I assumed this was so that the owner would have a chance at recovering their missing glove or baby shoe more easily.

Every time I saw an item, lost and lifted, I felt this sense of joy – like someone did something nice in our neighbourhood. I saw the kindness of someone, bending over to pick up a dirty glove and putting it on a fence post in hopes of finding it’s mate. I had no idea if people in other cities did this kind of thing but I had never noticed it before.  After all, Canadians are known for being friendly and polite.


I continued to see the times and I began to take pictures of the lifted items with my camera (remember this is the early 2000’s: no iphones).  I would snap a photo and say to myself, “this is my Christian imagination project.” I even felt slightly creative. Back then I thought I might make a photo collage (how dated!) but as time went on I dreamed of making a blog or something else online.

Fast forward to 2013 when I became a certified coach. Now, I spend my days helping people figure out what they really want in life and I how they are going to make it happen.  I encourage people to do their “homework” and provide accountability so they do what they say they are going to do.  And here I was with a creative project in the works for over 10 years.  It was about time to get errr done!

My husband and I brainstormed a (he really wants me to include this fact in my post), I chose a platform to share my project, and voila. I present to you the ongoing work of #lostnlifted.

Confession: I am uploading old photos (many were sadly lost in computer/camera/phone transitions) but plan to continue sharing the ones I find.

I can’t walk past a lifted scarf without snapping a shot of kindness.

Follow along on instagram @lostnlifted or on twitter #lostnlifted. The fun is just getting started! Feel free to post your own with the #lostnlifted and I’ll try to repost them too.