A Better Way to Dialogue


I’m excited to announce that I am hosting a workshop put on by New Direction (no, not One Direction you teeny boppers!).  New Direction Ministries is an organization out of Ontario whose mission is: Nurturing safe and spacious places for sexual minority persons to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.

The workshop is called Generous Spaciousness.  Wendy Gritter, the Executive Director of New Direction and the leader of the workshop. The following few paragraphs are her own description of the workshop:  Generous Spaciousness cultivates a posture of dialogue centered around the core values of humility, hospitality, mutuality and justice.  Generous spaciousness is a way of being together that helps followers of Christ navigate contentious issues on which we have diverse perspectives.

Questions around the appropriate path of discipleship for sexual minority persons is one such matter that Christians are divided on – and one that invites us to work together to experience a sense of unity in our diversity.

The introduction of generous spaciousness into these conversations helps us to prioritize our love for one another, our commitment to honour one another’s consciences, and our concern for a life-giving witness in our contexts.

More details:  We will be led through a Christ-centered calling into generous spaciousness.  There will be a time for Q & R and then the opportunity for dialogue where we can listen deeply to one another and share our stories, experiences, and reflections to move forward with hope-filled commitment to Christ and to each other.

Full disclosure from ME:  I need to go to this because I need to learn how to be more gracious with people who have differing opinions from me (which is probably most of my own church). When I first heard about New Direction my honest reaction was HURRY UP! We don’t have time for this discussion – the way the church is responding to the LGBT community is RUINING the church and any hope of welcoming anyone new  – straight, gay and everyone in between. We need to wake up, be more Christ-like and welcome ALL people in! Then I went to one of Wendy’s workshops for church leaders a few years ago and saw the fruitfulness of this kind of discussion.  For me it is was a great place to start and a harsh reality check about where (most of) the church is today. It is a way for me to learn to have the conversation with people who I deeply disagree with (and who deeply disagree with me). I want to be more gracious in my discussions around this very difficult topic and New Direction has taught me a lot about this. Regardless of your views, you are welcome to attend.

Please join us!

Wednesday Oct 30th 7-9pm

Grandview Calvary Baptist Church 1803 East First Ave Vancouver, BC.

You can even add it to your calendar here: invite