In theory your faith is the most important thing to you right? Right.

Yet it doesn’t always feel that way does it?

I help people reconcile the tension between life and faith as they move through big decisions and wrestle with the tough issues. I help you  integrate it together. Forget the “my spiritual life” is this and my “career” is that. I will help you line it up so you actually feel like a whole person.

Does this sound familiar?
  • OMG, why do I feel guilty that I ‘should’ be a nurse or a teacher…I’m a WRITER!
  • More school? Work? More school? Work? I need to end this cycle!
  • I actually feel called to some sort of ministry but I have no idea what (oh and that scares me)
  • I don’t even want to admit this but…will I EVER find a partner?
  • I really love Jesus but the church is killing me. Help!
  • If I could get a grip on my time…

First of all, you need to know working with me is almost all done by phone/skype so you can be living anywhere!  From me you’ll get a supportive yet candid person who asks the thought provoking questions. Pat answers = not for me. I know the lingo of the church but you won’t get much “Christianese” from me. I like to challenge the status quo and help people figure out what really matters to them.  You’ll set some goals and get ’em done!

Here are the options for how we can work together!