God Never (?) Gives Us More Than We Can Handle


Today I’m over at Momentum.

Here is a snippet of my post…

I heard her say it as I passed her on the stairs. She was heading down and I, up. I’d say she was about 7 months pregnant and tremendously excited, especially since she had had difficulty getting pregnant.  I asked her the token thing we ask all pregnant women (even those of us who grew sick of being asked it while pregnant), “How are you feeling?”  “Oh good,” she replied. “I’m so thankful [deep breath] and I know.. that God.. will not give me more than I can handle.”

When she said it, I stumbled a bit and I almost  bit my tongue trying not to yell obscenities at this crazy idea.  “God will not give you more than you can handle?” Where on earth did she hear that? Had she some how escaped ever feeling like life was more than she could handle?  She said it like it was a security blanket or a seal of approval on her and her life.

It was obvious to me that what “she couldn’t handle” were the ideas that cross the minds of all upcoming parents: what if my baby labour & delivery is harder than I ever thought? What if something tragic happens during delivery? What if my baby is ill?

Yes, we all wonder/worry about these things. Many of us pray they don’t happen.

Yet, they still happen.

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