I love the radio, but not ‘that kind’ of radio.


Last weekend I joined my “twitter friends” at the Faith & Culture Writer’s Conference in Portland. It was my second year attending and most likely not my last.  The ironic thing is I am so far behind in work that I’m going to quickly summarize my highlights instead of stewing over my post like the tortured writer I feel like sometimes.

Highlight 1: This year I attended a ‘special guest’ and was given the privilege of meeting with people as a spiritual mentor. What I really did was coach people.  Even though the conference planners asked me to come, I don’t think my offerings were very well communicated to the conference attendees because I heard more “what? I could have done that?” than I had actual meetings.  However, the ones I had were fantastic.  Coaching can be so helpful for writers, especially when facing insecurity, writer’s block or lack of direction.  Stay tuned for more on this because I will be doing a guest post for Micah Murray soon!


Here we are at Cha Cha Cha! (thanks for the photo Andee)

Highlight 2: Leading up to the conference I had the hilarious, fun and “I-never-thought-I-would-do-this” experience of being on Christian radio.  Yes, you read that right.  I, Jane Halton, was interviewed for an hour on Christian radio. The same people that tune into bad music and offensive sermons heard Andee Zomerman and I chat it up about coaching.  Andee, by the way, is the antithesis of Christian radio. Later that day she interviewed Rachel Held Evans (no. big. deal).

Highlight 3: I was chatting with Cara while stretching out my bad leg and instead of listening to “the guy who wrote the Shack” (yeah he was really there and it really didn’t interest me??). I asked her how her sessions were today and she said, “oh fine, but I really come for the people.”  So true.  I only went to two and a half sessions (and the key note speakers) because I was coaching the rest of the time.  But meeting for dinner at Cha Cha Cha! (thanks Stephen) and actually having conversations with my twitter friends and those I’ve met in The Clumsy Blogger Workshop was a highlight.

Highlight 4: Last but the opposite of least, one of my favourite friends, Julianne, flew in from Edmonton to join me on the road trip and conference. We had endless hours to discuss, as key note speaker Emily Freeman said, ALL THE THINGS (yes, she said it in ALL CAPS).

See you next year!






Social Media: Another Greeter for Your Church


Shortly after starting my own business and becoming saturated in blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc., I realized how critical social media is for churches. In an effort to learn more and gain resources to help equip my church, I started doing some research. I quickly came across the forthcoming book The Social Church by Justin Wise. I obtained a free copy of the first chapter and was hooked. In anticipation of the book’s launch, I contacted Justin for an interview. Today the interview is posted on a blog I write for:  Momentum. Here is a sample!

How is your book coming along? Please tell our readers a bit about it!

The book is finished! It’s set to launch February 3rd. The book is about why and how church leaders need to take social media seriously. It sets to convince social media hold outs that it’s a crucial part of churches discipleship and organizational structure moving forward. It’s really meant to give church leaders a conversation starting point around social media and bridge the gap between digital immigrants and digital natives.

You can check out the rest of the interview  here.