What I’m into October 2014 – The “Halloweenia” Edition


Well clearly blogging is not something I’ve been into in October! I can’t believe it is the end of month. I’m feeling a bit embarrassed that my last blog post was “What I’m into Sept 2014“! Here I am linking up with Leigh Kramer again (white-sox pumpkin, just for you…and all my die hard sox fan in-laws)


Photo credit (probably) goes to Andrew Stock.

Big News: I’m a wedding officiant again! For those who don’t know, being able to officiate weddings in Canada is tricky. There are no “online” certificates like there are in the US.  But I found a group that serves as an umbrella for people in ministry, non-denominational pastors etc. It is a bit of a stretch theologically but they were lovely, accepting and I’m glad to be part of them. In this regard, I’m back as an officiant and a relationship coach for Young Hip & Married.

I’m thrilled to be doing weddings again because it’s something I absolutely love.

Work News: My lovely Springboard Workshop partner Amy had a big baby boy last week!  Therefore we will be not doing any more workshops until the new year.  I’m also working on a promotion to connect my blogging/twitter community with my coaching practice. This will all be revealed very soon! Stay tuned.

 More Big News: We also traveled to Victoria for Thanksgiving and Dane and I ran an 8k race.  It was quite a milestone for us considering I hadn’t run a race since I was pregnant with Ben (and got a blood clot that prevented me from running) and Dane fractured his back about 18 months ago.  I was struck by the miracle of it all when I passed the halfway point. It was about ten years ago that I ran my first marathon at that same race. And let me tell you, the 8K felt as equal of an accomplishment, all things considered. To top it off, we both ran faster than expected and enjoyed donuts at the end. Does a donut ever taste as good as at the end of a running race?

Post race glow

Post race (and donuts) glow

Family News: There has been much anticipation about Halloween or as Sam (who is 3/12) relentlessly calls it, “Halloweenia.”  Much to my amazement my kids chose their costumes weeks ago and have not changed their minds!


Fiercest zebra & ninja on the block! (Don’t worry they will probably be in bed by 8)

Reading News:  We joined a small group through our church and they have agreed to read Slow Church after my recommendation.  I was roomates with one of the author’s wives years ago and I anticipated the release of te book. It received excellent reviews/endorsements from all sort of crazy famous people like Walter Brueggemann. So far, so great!  Speaking of church…

Church News: One of my favorite events of the year just happened: the Harvest feast. We harvest produce from the church/community garden and cook up a bunch of delicious soups for dinner. Home made bread, salad and fruit crisps are brought in and we all dine together in celebration of God’s abundance and our love of food. I’ve been a soup chef for this occasion foryears and I continue to enjoy cooking with friends and feasting with the whole church and neighbourhood friends.

Art work by Fiona Moes-Pel

Art work by Fiona Moes-Pel


Listening News: As you may recall I’m a big radio nerd and thus am obsessed with the new This American Life Spin off podcast called Serial.  Serial follows true life crime story with a new episode each week.  I can’t recommend it enough. I may have listened to the first four episodes twice because I didn’t want to miss anything.

Boring (yet enjoyable) News: I continue my obsession with the Good Wife. That is all.

Shopping News: I rarely have shopping news. I am a horrible shopper. However, I live in a rain forest and was thrilled to find these beauties. Little rain boots. I have worn them everyday.IMG_2314

Lastly, I want to remind you that Listening to the Marginalized Challenge is starting Nov 1. It’s an opportunity to hear voices of marginalized people that you may not have heard before. It is an effort to help us take the posture of listening in order to learn an grow.  You can read my intro post about it and/or sign up here.


What were you into this month? Any other serial fans?