One Hit Wonders (Pay What You Can Sessions)


 You all know the song. You know the words by heart. You may even know the video. But you can’t remember the band or sometimes even the title of the song. It probably brings back memories of a certain time in your life – a time when you sang that song again and again.

The song was probably a ONE-HIT-WONDER.

The 1980’s seemed to produce a plethora of these beauties. The songs make a big splash, stay in your mind for weeks on end and then often disappear on your virtual mixed tape. “Take On Me” by A-Ha anyone?  The songs usually provide great memories but don’t have a lot of substance. The recording artist fizzled away before making a lasting impression. It’s kind of sad actually (no, not really).

I’m ready to give the One Hit Wonder a new name. During the month of April, I’m offering TEN One Hit Wonder Coaching Sessions.  I normally do coaching in packages of at least 8 but this  is your chance to give it a try with just one!

And here is the craziest part about this offer: the sessions are pay what you can!*

Here is how it will go down:

Next week I will post FIVE different One Hit Wonders on my blog. You can have a listen and choose which song you like and then buy a session for that song.  The contents of the sessions have nothing to do with the actual song but feel free to pick a song you like or post your favourite in the comments! I’ll do this twice for a total of TEN sessions.

Once you choose a song, I’ll mark it SOLD and you can listen to it over and over until our call (ok just kidding about that).

Here is a classic to get you in the mood: