5 Ways to Empower People Under 40 in Your Church


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Here at YALT we know that people often read our blog because they’re looking for ways to better engage young people in their church. And now that you’ve ALL read about the 40 Under 40 in the CRC and RCA, you may be thinking, “How can my church empower young leaders?”  Here are five quick and helpful tips. But wait! Are you one of those young people? Keep reading to find out how you can help implement some of these ideas yourself, and add your thoughts (or more ideas) in the comments.

1. Make sure you actually have a variety of people under 40 in your congregation. Your church needs the voices of the next generation because, not only are they the future of the church, their voices are unlike any other generation.  No other people group has grown up in the church at the same time as these folks. No one else comes to the table with the same experience. It is a unique perspective you must harvest! Singles, marrieds, young parents etc. you need them all! If you don’t have the future of the church in your church, you might want to check with YALT’s great resources here.

2. Be mindful and considerate of single people without kids. Just because someone doesn’t have typical family responsibilities, doesn’t mean they have all the time in the world. This group of young adults should not automatically ‘do’ everything.  This demographic might have different availability options than parents but they shouldn’t be relied on solely because they ‘appear’ to have more time.

Likewise, remember that being single doesn’t make someone unqualified for ministry. The church has an unfortunate history of elevating marriage and married people beyond reason in the church. Those without a partner also bring their own perspective and are equal to serve the church as married people.

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