Social Media: Another Greeter for Your Church


Shortly after starting my own business and becoming saturated in blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc., I realized how critical social media is for churches. In an effort to learn more and gain resources to help equip my church, I started doing some research. I quickly came across the forthcoming book The Social Church by Justin Wise. I obtained a free copy of the first chapter and was hooked. In anticipation of the book’s launch, I contacted Justin for an interview. Today the interview is posted on a blog I write for:  Momentum. Here is a sample!

How is your book coming along? Please tell our readers a bit about it!

The book is finished! It’s set to launch February 3rd. The book is about why and how church leaders need to take social media seriously. It sets to convince social media hold outs that it’s a crucial part of churches discipleship and organizational structure moving forward. It’s really meant to give church leaders a conversation starting point around social media and bridge the gap between digital immigrants and digital natives.

You can check out the rest of the interview  here.