What I’m Into March 2015 – The Spring has Sprung Edition


As per my usual, this post is really about February and March!

What I read:  This month I joined Rachel Held Evans’ street team for her forthcoming book Searching for Sunday.

11074712_10206362809728731_8907623212580891103_nThis is a large group of Rachel enthusiasts who receive an advance copy of her book in order to review, promote, blog about it etc.  I enjoyed Rachel’s other books and love what she does on the blog but because I did not really ‘grow up’ in the church (and definitely not in the south) I wasn’t sure what I would think of it.  Would I like it if I couldn’t relate to it?  Sure enough, I thought it was fabulous.  Her simple yet profound statements about church itself were so encouraging. And I worked at enough church camps to get the chubby bunny references (and then bonded with her husband Dan about how his fear of choking is amplified by this ridiculous game).

I also read a few of the Canada Reads novels including the winner Ru by Kim Thuy.  I haven’t finished all of them yet but my favourite, thus far, is And the Birds Rained Down by Jocelyn Saucier.

What I watched: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (produced by Tina Fey) on Netflix. I loved it. If you like 30 Rock you will like this and if you don’t like 30 Rock, try it but you may not like it. And that friends, is my ‘descriptive’ review of the only show I watched this month. However, here is one of the most interested things I read about the show by cult survivor and author Elizabeth Esther.

What I celebrated: My oldest son turned 7! For 3 out of the last 4 birthdays we have hosted a big outdoor neighbourhood hockey game in the parking lot behind our house. Every year the weather has cooperated.

One of the best things about kid parties in Vancouver is they are often “toonie” parties (a toonie is a $2.00 coin). Each guest brings a toonie for the birthday kid and they collect up enough to buy one present the birthday child really wants. Some parties even have “a toonie to spend & a toonie to give away.”  It’s brilliant and eliminates all the stuff!

What I did: I officiated five beautiful, small and simple weddings as part of my new contract with Young Hip & Married.  The first one involved a 90 minute hike (which the bride did in her dress and long underwear).  It was just me, the couple, 2 friends and a spunky photographer.



What I said in front of a mic: I  preached my first sermon of 2015. I don’t do a lot of preaching but I really enjoy the experience of both preparing and preaching.  Our church is going through the Lord’s Prayer during Lent and my week landed on “Forgive us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors.”   The gospel hinges on forgiveness and I was thankful to spend time reflecting on that.

What dreams came true: Dane is a Rocky Balboa fanatic, and that my friends, is an understatement. He has loved the movies since he was a kid, has a tattoo of Rocky’s gloves, etc. For years he has wanted to go to Philadelpia and “run the steps” and see all the movie sites.  We put it off for years because it never felt like a good year financially (or with little kids at home). But finally we just decided it is never a good year – so he should just go!  It was so amazing to watch his dream come true (via twitter and texts).


What I finally did: I launched the  creative project, #lostnlifted, that I’ve been working on for over ten years! You can read the story behind it  here or follow along and join the fun on instagram here. Snap pictures of items lost by people and lifted up so that the owner will see them if they walk by again. Kindness in the neighbourhood!

Once again I’m linking up with Leigh for the easiest blog post to write!

What did you get up to this February and March?