Feminism: Should the Church Take it or Leave it?


Today I’m over at YALT’s Momentum writing about feminism and the church (ouch!)…

You would be hard pressed to miss the growing trend of celebrities using their platforms to share their support of feminism or show they are a feminist.  Beyonce had feminist in floor to ceiling lights at the Video Music Awards, Emma Watson recently addressed the United Nations and launched the HeforShe campaign.  And one of my personal favorites, Parks and Recreation’s, Aziz Ansari talked to David Letterman about why he is a feminist. I could go on with more examples but you should definitely click on that last link.

As easy as it is to find the word feminism in the media, it’s equally as difficult to find it within the church.

Should Christians avoid or embrace the word feminism?

I hope most Christians would agree on the basic tenet of feminism – that men and women are created equal.  Wait, did you know that is the definition of feminism?  Let me quote the dictionary, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

Yes, women and men are equal. I could flesh out this idea with all sort of scripture but I’ll just go with Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

So why the tension? Why the debate? Why does the church avoid using the term feminism?

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I am a Jesus Feminist


I have something to share with you that I am really excited about. Like this excited:

I have been following, reading and loving the blog of Sarah Bessey for a while now. To be honest the first thing that attracted me to her blog is the fact that she is Canadian. There are so many amazing blogs of progressive Christian women (like SO MANY AWESOME ONES) but not that many of them originate in the Great White North (which is really more of an Annoying Grey Rain right now). Of course I do admire many things about Sarah’s blog aside from the fact she, and thus the blog, are Canadian. She also seems to like Tina Fey gifs which is an all around win in my book.

I love the honesty with which she writes. This isn’t a bitch session about parenting, it is a beautiful piece about how parents in their thirties are often…reallly…tired. So true.

I love her mission to share how Jesus made her a Feminist because it rings true with my own story from my initial days of church and feeling so confused as to why everyone wasn’t a tree-hugging feminist.

I also appreciate that she can write. I know that sounds lame but there are a lot of blogs out there (this one is no exception) that are written by people who are not writers.  Sure we can write, as in compose sentences in order, but this woman is a writer! This is why I am writing about her today. She wrote the following book and it is coming out tomorrow Nov 5.

jesus feminist


You can pretty much order it anywhere (Chapters, Amazon etc.). You may even get so excited that you join this group of cool people like I did.

The best part of the story is Sarah is coming to my little women’s group (along with a few friends we invited) THIS WEEK to talk about her book. I can’t wait!