What I’m Into For February



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Here are a few of the Canadian, dairy-free (ack!), Beyoncé-loving, things I’m into this month. Seriously, don’t miss the last thing on this list, especially if you like Beyoncé.

Food talk…

Unfortunately, my household is not into a lot of different foods right now. My oldest child has been complaining of stomach aches on and off for a while. After determining it may be more than, well, a child saying he has a tummy ache. We took him to our Naturopath for some tests. And the results were pretty rough.  Our household is already vegetarian so when we found out that the highest irritants for our son are: dairy, eggs, garlic and peas we were rather gutted.  We were told to completely omit these from his diet for 3-4 months and then reintroduce them one at a time and see what happens. So basically we are vegans without garlic and peas. Well, peas are easy to omit (except, wait for it – a common vegan protein involves “pea protein”).

However, I have to say it isn’t as hard as I thought. This helps: Oh She Glows: Vegan Recipes by Angela Liddon. Angela offers so many great recipes that don’t involve a bunch of ingredients I have never heard of.  We learned how to make our own coconut ice cream when we borrowed a Vitamix (insert drools of jealousy).  Who knew my five-(ALMOST SIX MOM!) year-old could handle it so well? Not I, that is for sure.

My family’s favourite vegan recipe thus far is The Best Veggie Burgers!

Second are these muffins that I would normally mock. They are “free” of almost everything but they are actually really good and easy. I made them for a kindergarten class birthday party and they liked them!

Of the book variety….

I shall introduce you, my mainly American readership, to one of my favourite book events Canada Reads!   Every year the CBC (via listener votes) chooses a theme and selects five books and five quasi-celebrities to defend them in a survivor-like competition. This year the theme is “One Novel to Change our Nation:” The books are:  Annabel by Kathleen Winter, Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan, The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, The Orenda by Joseph Boyden, and Cockroach by Rawi Hage. So far I’ve only read Annabel and am just getting into Half Blood Blues. I can’t wait to hear one of my favourite radio personalities, Jian Ghomeshi, host the debates in March. You can check it out online if you don’t live in earshot of the CBC.

With le pen & paper…

I’m learning a lot about writing these days. I joined up with these ladies at the Story Unfolding. Whoa. There is some powerful stuff going on here. I would highly recommend checking them out. I’m even going to a the Faith and Culture Writers Conference next week. I’m looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers I’ve personally connected with like Sarah Bessey and Natalie Trust and others that I have just enjoyed their work from a distance like Micah J. Murray.  Also, road trip to Oregon with my friend Dena + mexican food + no kids for 3 days + more mexican food should be a blast!

The biz

I’m excited to be running Juncture again. This time I will do it over Lent. I’ve extended it two weeks to give people a bit more time of reflection. We will spend the 6 weeks reflecting on our relationship with time. Does how we spend our time reflect our values? What is easy to say NO to? What is hard? How do I avoid getting so overwhelmed with the dreaded t0-do list.  What I love most about my e-courses is that you can be anywhere in the world and participate. Last time we had people from Montana, California, BC, and Alberta. Fun times!  I’m also co-leading a career coaching month-long course, Springboard, but that is Vancouver only.

On the screens…

My neighbour just texted to tell me she got us tickets to see the Veronica Mars movie which comes out in mid-March. I’ll try to contain my excitement for a month. AHHHH!!

On the small screen, my husband and I finally started watching Downton Abbey. I won’t bother going on and on about how you all should watch it because you are probably a season ahead of me. As always, that is about I’ll I’ve got in the TV department. I promise we didn’t call it “Downtown Abbey” for months before hand. Ok maybe we did.

Best interwebs discovery…

My friend Danice came up with this brilliant Beyonce bracket for March madness. Definitely need to check this out!

What did you discover this February?