Are you one of those “I really (might/sort of/kind of) need a new job” kind of person?


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Are you part of the 75% looking to live a more meaningful life?

Or maybe part of the 56% wanting to make a difference in the world?


Let’s face it many of us have to spend most of our day ‘working’ – why not find a career you love? 

Yet, it can be overwhelming can’t it? Especially when you feel the desire (or pressure) to do the ‘right thing?

As you probably know, I do one-on-one coaching to help people figure all this stuff out.  After getting my MDiv and spending ten years in inner-city ministry, I went to coaching school for a year and now I’m certified to help blow up your baggage, find a new career, loose weight, whatever you want to get done.

I love it and yet, sometimes, I get the urge to collaborate and work with others because talking on the phone all day can kind of get, well, lonely.

Therefore, I joined  fellow coach and workshop guru Amy Wilson-Roberts to design Springboard.  It is the best of one-on-one coaching in a less expensive, group setting where you will have two coaches and a table of collaborators working with you!


Are you a parent reentering the workforce?

Are you working at a job that just drives you crazy?

Are you working at a job that feels ‘okay’ but you KNOW there is something better?

Are you a student about to graduated and look for work?




Well then Springboard is for you!

Here are what some past participants have said:

“Springboard is a great way to create clarity on what has worked well in the past, what needs to change in the present and how to work towards the future of your dreams.” – Nancy Shadlock, Spiritual Director

“I have done a lot of “self” work in the past but this course really helped me to take all of that self-knowledge and turn it into something I could actively use towards finding a meaningful career/vocation.” – Jen Burry, Grouse Mountain.



An opportunity to take a day FOR YOU – to help YOU process through what you really want.

You will explore and discover your personality, skills and abilities.

You will clarify your values and figure out what makes you tick.

You will make a step-by-step to get you pointed in the right direction.

You will have accountability for your plan.

This will all happen in a small group setting with two trained coaches who have been helping people figure out what they really want for years!

What it’s not:

Full of cheesy motivational speeches or heavy handed advice

Personality Tests out of Context (ie “I’m a, GREEN,  ENFP, 8w9, what does THAT mean?”)

A resume tune-up

A boring lecture

A bunch of fluffy exercises

Really expensive (you could easily pay over $2000 for a one day coaching program like this)


There is a full description of Springboard on my website.

Feel free to review that and email us any additional questions.


Why sign up NOW, instead of waiting until the day before?

1. MONEY: The workshop is $99 until June 4, and then goes to $109.00

2. FREEBIES:  The first ten people who sign up get a FREE one-on-one coaching call

3. PEACE: You have the peace of mind knowing that you are doing something to move you in the right direction!

4. TIME: You will have plenty of time to do the pre-work needed to jump right in on June 21st.


You can sign up at the bottom of this page

Are you interested in Springboard but don’t live in Vancouver? We are considering making it an online course. Join my mailing list  to be the first to hear if that happens.