Canadian/American “Relations”


As you know, every once in a while I like to post a funny story on my blog because I love laughing. For lack of a better cliché my heart has been heavy lately with all sorts of sad news.  I wrote this story a while ago but it is on Momentum today. In fact, some of my readers may remember this story from it’s original debut (i.e when it happened).  I hope that in the midst of all the news, you will have a laugh.  

As a dual citizen who has lived in both countries, the relationship between Canada and America is of great interest to me. Here is a brief reflection on my experience, as well as, a hilarious story of two clashing countries.

Canada-US-flag-pinI’ve lived roughly half my life in the US and half in Canada. I’m about 970 km (600 miles!!) away from completing a full circle around North America.  My extended family is all from Canada, but my dad’s work moved us to the US when I was three.  I basically grew up in a “Canadian” household in California. I learned from a very young age that Americans know next to nothing about Canada.  For example, in my very diverse Southern California school, we had “Around the World” day, where kids would bring things from their country of origin (or their parents’ country) and hold up their country’s flag during a school assembly.

When the teacher was collecting names of kids that were born in other countries, I raised my hand and got to represent one in this assembly.  At first, my teacher looked at me sideways. I’m sure she was thinking, “What is Jane talking about? What country is she from?”

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