What I’m Into: April 2014


Let’s be honest, I link up with Leigh’s “What I’m Into” about every OTHER month. Nevertheless I enjoy it immensely. It is a chance for me to reflect and share some recent news.

 Top Ten California…err April Events!

In no order, except, all the order because I was in CALIFORNIA!

1. I went to California to visit my very pregnant sister (pictures pending, no baby on date of post) and her husband. The other bonus is my sister-in-law also lives there and to say we all get along would be an understatement. That Property Brothers marathon did not know what hit it!  The trip was my top event of April for so many reasons including #2.

2. I really, truly love Mexican food. Upon arrival at LAX, we went straight to Taco Zone.  Taco Zone is a somewhat ominous taco truck that shows up by a grocery store parking lot around 9pm each night. Sorry, you can’t eat dinner early if you want Taco Zone.


My burrito was so  good that I had to go back a second time before I headed home (despite the fact I was pretty much still full from the first one, three days earlier).

3. There is a famous 10k  here in Vancouver every year, the Sun Run and tens of thousands of millions (or so) people run in it. It is great and I’ve done it a few times. But what is greater is the “FUN RUN” that some of our FUN friends put on. It involves a “run” (give or take five blocks), consuming mini-eggs on the course plus chip timing (meaning you have to run with a chip and not break it). I started the stroller division a few years ago (champion!) but have no morphed into the “helping 4 and under” category (champion!). Here is a snap shot of the starting line. The competition was fierce. That’s my family on the left (first four, front row).


Ready, set, mini eggs!

4. Did I mention my sister is about to have her first baby? I basically nested for them because they were either busy ordering the new ERGO 360 or too tired to clean out the cupboards. No problem. Other people’s messy Tupper wear cupboards are what I call a fun morning.

5. Twitter. I like Twitter more and more these days. Are you reading this and NOT on Twitter? May I suggest you change that? Do it. Trust me. I would not have survived the World Vision fiasco without my twitter peeps. People always ask me what I like about it. It is something about the short, to the point, funny, in the moment side of it. One of my twitter friends just wrote a guest blog post for my “Blowing Up Evangelical Baggage” Series.

6. I read Shauna Niequest’s Bread & Wine this month. I’ll be honest when I bought it I thought, “Yeah I think I’ve read this book a few times. Reflections, recipes etc.” But, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The book made me homesick for all my friends that have moved away and for dinner parties without kids. Although I haven’t experienced the miscarriages and other fertility issues Shauna has, the way she writes about new parents and babies left me in tears on more than one occasion. I quickly tried the Lentil soup and basic vinaigrette but what it made me want to do was simply invite people to our table again.  It is so easy to avoid this when you have small kids because it is just not the same with kids. Yet, I was inspired to create a new normal in our very small busy house.

7.  I’m not into doing my taxes, per se. But I figured it deserved a number since it consumed me this month and paid for number 1.

8.  Speaking of love/hates we finished Season three (not four, no spoilers puuuhlease) of Downton Abbey finally.  I’m not sure I could love/hate anything more than that show.

9. Sadly, Easter kind of came and went without much ado for me. One of my kids was really sick on Easter and missed all the “INDEED!” proclamations I enjoy so much.

In other Easter news, I was feeling pretty smug with my newspaper clad table, all natural hand-me-down die, pre-boiled eggs (so kids aren’t waiting for them to cool). And then it hit me, bam! Our eggs are brown, not white. So our batch brown eggs died purple turned out grey with scribbles of a three year old on them. Did I mention this all went down on the Tuesday after Easter? You win some and you loose some.


10. Lastly, I was interviewed for a mom entrepreneur blog this month. I really LOVE what came out of the interview (and it wasn’t much about my entrepreneur-ness). You can read it here. I hope you do.