Advent: Mary Liturgy


I’m so excited to present this gift to you today from my dear friend Beth Malena.  Some of you know Beth and others may have read about her wedding on my blog.

When Beth and I worked together at Jacob’s Well she would often write liturgies for us and I’m so thankful that I can share her latest one with all of you.

Mary Liturgy – Advent 2014

She said yes

having done nothing to earn His favour

having nothing to offer

except a willing spirit, an open womb

barely a teenager

barely holding back fear

brimming with unasked questions

before this humble God

who needed her collaboration…

We, too, have found some of your good gifts

so weighty and awkward to accept.

Emmanuel, God-with-us,

   come dwell in us.

     Form us into people

         who know how to receive you in freedom.


She was condemned

having done nothing to deserve this shame

the disgrace, the scandal of the day

the whispers, the glances, the sly half-smiles

sexual outcast

loose and dangerous girl

powerless to defend herself

much less defend this mischievous God

who broke all his own rules…

We, too, have been the topic of gossip,

misrepresented, rejected, accused.

Emmanuel, God-with-us,

   come dwell in us.

     Form us into people

            who know how to endure with courage.


She had no proof

no witnesses, no chapter and verse

to validate the strange divine encounter

that left her pregnant with hope and fear

waiting in darkness nine lonely months

grateful for one friend

who believed and called her blessed

frustrated at this quiet God

who doesn’t always reassure us we’re right…

We, too, have craved certainty,

but faced lingering doubts.

Emmanuel, God-with-us,

   come dwell in us,

     Form us into people

         who know how to wait with faith.


We pray as Mary prayed:

Turn our world upside-down.

Lift up the humble, extend your mercy.

   Emmanuel, God-with-us,

                   Be formed in us.

                          Be born in us.

What are your favourite readings at Advent?



JW-6-270x270A Note from Jane:

Beth has recently joined the amazing team at New Direction and if you are looking for a place to give this holiday season, I would highly recommend them.