A bit about me… this picture is my team: fantastic husband Dane and our two boys Ben & Sam. We spent way too much money on our first “family” photo shoot. Voila. That was it. No face bragging here.

I’m not wild about the word, “should.”

Especially as a Christian, I see women every day who are weighed down by their “I should be doing it this way” baggage, knee deep in guilt, and afraid to seek help because it might look as though they aren’t ‘relying on God enough.’

There’s another word I’d like to punch in the face: “enough.”

Before I continue on my little soapbox, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jane Halton. I promise I am not as curmudgeonly as I may be coming off. I’m just quite hellbent on helping you do crazy things like…

  • Reconcile the tension between your faith and life (they do not have to be separate entities, FYI.)

  • Help you drop the religious baggage from your past (things like questions from your upbringing, times you’ve been ‘burned’ by the church, etc.)

  • Embrace the fact that you are pretty incredible (and, uh, there ain’t no shame in that game.)

  • Figure out how to be content right where you are for this one crazy, wildlife you’ve been given

Oops that started sounding a little ‘christianese’ didn’t it? Well don’t worry, you’re going to find very little of that sub-cultured mumbo jumbo around here. Don’t get me wrong, I proudly hold a Master of Divinity. Have I mastered the divine? Not so much but I did learn a ton, got introduced into the idea of evangelical baggage, and preached my first sermon.

So what does it all look like?

  • A really safe place for your questions, and doubts, and fears.

  • A person who has been there; will never pretend to have all of the answers, but will lovingly, candidly help you out of the muck and into the light (crap, there I go again!)

  • The grip you need to make concrete, true-to-you, decisions and plans.

  • That hard-to-reach accountability to make it all happen and finally know where you’re headed.


This would be the point in the informercial where someone says, “But hey, Jane: everyone and their godmother say they are coaches these days. What makes you legit?” (And I love you already for using the word legit.)

So I’d pop in and say something smooth and humble like “When I’m not busy being a Christian, I’m a certified life coach from The Coaches Training Institute where, ya know, over 35,000 coaches have been trained and where the big daddies at The International Coach Federation have accredited us (so please henceforth refer to me as Jane Halton, BA, MDiv, CPCC, ACC thanks!)

But don’t worry, I do not talk like that in real life.

In real life, actually, when I’m not thinking about how wildly grateful I am that I get to do this with my life, I’m running around with my husband and two young kids (read: chasing them!), searching for good mexican food, and swimming (don’t worry, not those two in a row.) Two other fun tidbits because you asked (didn’t you?) I spent the ten years working in Vancouver’s inner city and it no doubt changed my life; and I’m a dual citizen: Canadian and American, baby. Most recently, I’ve been working at Young Hip & Married as a wedding officiant, pre-marital coach and more-or-less helping run the whole smorgasbord.

So, welcome. I’m really glad you are here and I’m pretty sure that every great change starts with an honest question; a nagging doubt, a, ‘what do I really want?’ And that’s exactly what I’m here for.

For more nuggets of info on the how this all gets done (hint: we’ll be doing the majority of our work over the phone), feel free to march over to my Work With Me page and check out my services/philosophy/favorite movies (not that last one).