All great change begins with an honest question, a nagging doubt, a ‘what do I really want?’ It is time to make the change happen. Out with the old, in with the you.

  • Emily Maynard – Blogger, Speaker

    Working with Jane was great! She asked the right questions to help me work through a cloudy situation and find my values for a particular situation. I’m learning how to better trust my intuition, and a coaching session with Jane helped immensely! Jane worked with me at my speed, helped me identify my next steps, and helped me figure out a reasonable timeline to accomplish my goals. I definitely recommend coaching sessions with Jane if you come from a Fundamentalist background and are working on building your intuition or are “stuck” in your creative pursuits.


  • Emily Davidson – Writer

    Working with Jane got me through a very tough season. I’d been experiencing fatigue and general listlessness – I knew what I wanted out of life, but I didn’t know how to get there. I was 100% burnt out. Through a slow and encouraging process, Jane helped me identify the ways in which I’d been selling myself short – the thoughts and blind spots that were keeping me stagnated. In the safe environment of coaching, I got to practice putting myself first. I got to admit to my own dreams. I got to learn about aspects of my personality I didn’t even know were there. I’m not completely out of the woods, but I have a suspicion that I’ve built a good foundation for going forward – sometimes all we need is permission to be ourselves. Jane is that one person who will say, “yes, you can!” when you need to hear it most.

  • Meghan Mast, Journalist

    When I first started seeing Jane, I was struggling with low self esteem and my sense of self. As we started talking and unpacking things she helped me understand that I had internalized the belief that it was sinful to believe good thoughts about myself. I wanted to be confident, but I was afraid that I would become arrogant if I acknowledged the gifts I have. She helped me deconstruct this idea and told me that there is a huge gap between confidence and arrogance. It was not a thin line. This realization has helped me enormously. Now when I think, “I’m a good writer,” I recognize that as a gift FROM God, and that saying so is not arrogant at all.

  • Charissa Vandergrift
    Edmonton, AB

    This coaching experience was challenging in the sense that I really needed to look at what I value and what I have been taught to value. It allowed me find the courage to push through difficult times by setting goals and looking at my anxiety in a different light. Most of all, this coaching experience helped me create goals in which, with the guidance of Jane, I was able to proudly achieve.

  • Beth Malena, Pastor
    Vancouver, BC

    Jane did a great job helping me see what felt like an overwhelming issue could be addressed in small steps. She helped me reframe what I thought I was really worried about and helped me see what I really wanted. She felt very safe to talk to. She was patient, a great listener and wasn’t afraid of my emotions! She helped me develop a future framework and see what I really wanted. She asked me great questions I had never thought about before.

  • David Klassen, Future MD

    I just recently made one of the biggest decisions in my life–my career path. The path I’ve chosen require lots of money, years of schooling, and much hard work. Also, there are many great alternative careers. I was quite conflicted for multiple reasons. I am so very grateful that I had Jane to coach me through this decision. She helped me navigate my thoughts and emotions. I recommend coaching to anyone, and especially from Jane! 

  • Caitlin Spencer, Photographer & Mother of two young girls
    Winnipeg, MB

    I had been “attempting” to start my photography career for nearly a year and after only two sessions with Jane, I was gaining momentum!  I scheduled over a dozen portrait sessions and made the business cards I had been meaning to get for months.  Jane is a beautiful listener and inspiring coach.  Jane also helped me get back some of the play and patience that I had lost in my parenting.  She helped this working mom get to where I wanted to go!

  • Teresa Gilles, Wellness Coach
    Calgary, AB

    Jane is a very talented coach.  In a very short period of time she was able to combine her strong intuition and deep authenticity to challenge me in one of my most vulnerable areas.  I felt safe with her and she pushed me from a place of gentleness and love and I thank her for it!